Sunday, October 24, 2010

Back Reality

Im coming clean in the cyber world and finally admitting myself into reality.I have a serious back injury. Roll out the red carpet these injuries are worthy of a standing ovation! Now Ive heard the terminology "plagued with injuries throughout her career" thrown around and never really took much notice. Over coming major knee surgery was a gruelling process but nothing i repeat nothing in comparison to the last 3months of my life.
Hind sight is always a wonderful thing. I had been trying to convince myself i would be surfing in a few days the days turned to weeks the weeks turned to months and now the months are being sugar coated into years. Im not one to time frame injuries but i like to have a ball park figure. I wont relay that ball park figure its down right depressing.
But back to the back pain. Well if anyone out there knows what im talking about you know what im talking about. Its funny how other back suffers can relate its like this weird little back club world.
So my last surf would of been around the 28th of July to put things into perspective I dont think about surfing, I dont want to go surfing.Why? Back pain like i said it deserves a Logie its that fucking good.
But anyway Im starting light hearted break the ice type deal its good to know ice can be used for something else other then relieving pain.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

How good is a triceps burn