Friday, September 25, 2009

Gday Im Amee and this is my Blog.
Im a professional surfer by trade which is based on a soulful, passionate, connected love with the ocean.

I spend around nine months of the year traveling to all corners of the globe. Our ASP travel schedule is always jammed pack to exotic locations such as South Africa, South America, Europe, America, Hawaii and the list goes on. I love competing but i love exploring the cultures and diversity of new places. I tend to stay abroad for much longer then most to experience what lays just around the corner from the contest site Im always stoked on what i find!

I guess you could say I like pushing things in life, always have and always will. Fear is a strange emotion you can either hold on or let go.

I love the great outdoors being active, healthy and respecting nature

Some pro surfers are high rollers. Myself on the other hand live the life of luxury in another ways.

Im like most Aussies and have true Australian Pride. Costa Rica World Games

I love my mates.

A good cup of tea.
Good tequila


My dog

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