Saturday, January 16, 2010

Knee Injury.
Prognosis tear of the Popliteus tendon.
Time of injury 13th /10/09
Place of injury Brazil
How Rotating through a backhand re entry.
Pain factor 8/10
Time since last surf 4 months and 4 days.

Location of Tear
Place of Injury
RICE- REST, ICE, COMPRESSION, ELEVATIONTime out of the water enjoying a coconut
Its funny that even when your in extreme pain and your body is telling you, you shouldn't be surfing as a professional surfer you feel that you need and have to be in the water preparing. This day wasn't one of them the body won over the mind.

Physiotherapist minimum 3 times a week. Gradual build up of tendon strength. This is done but extremely tedious movements. I would almost compare this to the tortoise VS the brer rabbit. But as the shirt says something you have to learn to love.

Personal trainer.
Its important to keep my muscle during this time. So beside
s the daily rehabilitation exercise's i do solo i visit the gym around 3 times a week to take myself out of my comfort zone with the aid of my trainer luke. We usually spend around 40-minutes focusing on muscle strength.
30X Pushups on an unstable surface.
30x chin ups using my own body weight
30x biceps
30x Abdominal workout using swiss ball.
3 minutes using cyclone ball seated.
I usually find after the seated cyclone ball my body has ach
ieved an optimum workout.

Ah the joys of pool swimming....Following the marked b
lue line up and down the pool not quite sure how anyone could find this stimulating but swimming does have its advantages of no weight bearing whilst giving your body and overall cardio workout. So with these added benefits i find myself in the pool swimming following the blue line 3 times a week for 30 minutes.
Almost feels like im going for a surf with my board-shorts on board under arm walking across the hot sand checking out the lineup so close yet so far away the only thing im able to eye off is the distance in which im about to paddle. Its important for me to keep up my paddle strength wouldn't be much good if i arrive on the Gold-coast with a cyclone swell pushing down the points and i cant string together more then a few strokes! So this brings me back to my surf board paddles i usually spend around 30 minutes a few times a week going for a paddle. I do snag a few waves in LYING DOWN.

Scenar treatment.
Im currently under going Scenar treatment 3 times a week in north Narrabeen. Scenrar ( self controlled energy neuro adaptive regulator) it is a russian medical technology that delivers non invasive non toxic, computer modulated , therapeutic electro-stimulation, onto and through the skin for the relief or acute and chronic pain and physical dysfunction.
Scenar prompts the bodies own adaptive processes and facilitates restoration of homeostatic function, thereby reducing stress and inflammation and effectively changing symptoms of pain and dysfunction. If its good enough for such elite athletes such as Layne Beachly,Barton Lynch and Torah Bright then its good enough for me.

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