Friday, May 14, 2010

WA 2010

West Oz is great it takes you back to a surreal like untouched world.Its raw the waves are powerful the earth is red, bull bars are a necessity the locals deserve respect. This wine region rocks your world. Welcome to a trip made in heaven. Organic produce, wineries, breweries, chocolate factories,dirt roads, bush walks, whales, dolphins,real pubs, bands, cows, gardens, outside showers, no Macdonalds KFC or pizza hut, did i mention waves and wineries? Every year in march we make the journey to the western side of Australia take a 5hour flight and allow for a 5hour drive and you will hit location. A slight mission in domestic terms but some things are worth the hassle this particular WQS event being one of them. You know to be honest the waves for the womens contest were very far from ideal,( But hey if you get knocked early you can search and be sure to score) we scored some swell early in the week but the finals were held in tiny conditions congrats to chelsea for taking the win over miss sally fitz.

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